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Enterprise Assessments

One-time, fixed-price assessment of your enterprise to help you reduce costs, manage risk, and scale your business. Includes actionable recommendations by industry experts for immediate impact on your bottom line. Our cross-disciplinary team includes professionals in finance, technology, business to business marketing, client acquisition, and operations.
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Mortgage Analytics

Online metrics, KPIs, and financial reports that are dedicated to the mortgage business. Visualize your leading and lagging indicators. Know what to expect in a timely manner without burdening your accounting staff to produce specialized reports. Branch and department level reporting keeps your team accountable. Integrates with AMB, QuickBooks, Lending QB, Encompass, and other major mortgage packages.
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Business Solutions

Custom development, implementation, and monitoring of software solutions. We follow the Agile Approach to software development by deploying early and often for market feedback and fast ROI. This helps to optimize the value for your stakeholders while minimizing risk of failure. Our method optimizes user experience, security, and scalability.
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Performance Dashboard

Information on-line and on-time. Automated metrics and financial information securely displayed to you and your team in near real-time. Speed information to all your departments/branches while eliminating manual reporting. Use your existing accounting and CRM systems. Customizable Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Creates accountability among your managers with roles based access.
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Product Planning

5X Solutions, LLC uses the "Lean" process to identify opportunities and reduce risk. We use both quantitative and qualitative market research to identify opportunities and risks. Our survey panels provide fast and affordable insight to give you an edge in discovering untapped opportunities. Our analysts have honed their craft over sixteen years of research to find the fastest and most cost-effective methods to explore the market.
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About 5X Solutions, LLC

"5X Solutions helps enterprises to identify opportunities and monitor execution. Our proprietary method manages risk, increases ROI, and ensures timely feedback with analytics and visualization of key metrics."

Our Method

The 5X Process

Idea Refinement

Quick, low-cost way to explore opportunities and find the best solution for a quick ROI.

We survey stake holders first. Then we identify the risks and opportunities associated with the problem. We keep drilling down and incorporate feedback until we achieve clarity.
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Proof of Concept

Prototype solution to get quick feedback from users and stakeholders to iteratively improve and optimize.

The concept should be be distilled into a simple, elegant solution that can take the form of software, work-flow, data analytics, or marketing. We shorten the feedback loop by getting input from end-users along the way. This allows us to make small course corrections and build confidence among the stake holders.


Strategic Plan

A Roll-out plan to ensure adaption including promotional efforts. Long-term plan to scale the solution.

We identify and resolve barriers to end-user acceptance and ensure that stakeholders' needs are addressed.



Our post production management and maintenance strategies will enhance the usability and life of the product.

We monitor our solutions and learn how to improve it based on usage patterns and feedback from end users and stakeholders.

The Founders

We Have Worked on Hundreds of Projects Together Over the Past 16 Years

Ron de Frates

Ron de Frates

John D. Beneventi

John D. Beneventi

Clients and Major Projects

Facts About Us

Numbers Don't Lie
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    Years the team has worked together
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    Successful M & A Events


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Spiegel Accountancy Corp. Announces Professional Alliance with 5X Solutions to Provide Mortgage Lenders with Increased Analytics and Insights

Pleasant Hill, CA., August 1, 2017 Spiegel Accountancy Corp., a professional accounting firm that serves the mortgage industry and small businesses nationwide, announced today it has formed a professional alliance with 5X Solutions, a mortgage research, data analytics technology company. It is the only accounting firm to have an alliance with the mortgage business intelligence company.

Over the years our companies have enjoyed great synergies oftentimes working together for the same mortgage banker clients. We decided now was the perfect time to play off each other’s strengths and open the door to provide mortgage bankers with a wider variety of analytical tools coupled with the tax and audit intelligence of our experts,” stated Henry Chavez, Senior Audit Manager at Spiegel Accountancy Corp (SAC).

The collaboration combines SAC’s vast accounting acumen with 5X Solutions’ flagship business intelligence product, Telemetry MBI, to offer mortgage lenders unique financial solutions for optimized performance.

John Beneventi, Co-Founder, 5X Solutions said, “Having worked together in the past, our companies’ close relationship brings added service and benefit to our mutual clients. We’re looking forward to leveraging our collaborative efforts by providing the mortgage lending community with advanced financial solutions that improve measurement, management, and performance.”

About Spiegel Accountancy Corp.

Spiegel Accountancy Corp. is a professional accounting firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area with a national practice specializing in the mortgage banking and small business sectors. Spiegel’s senior-level CPAs are actively involved and readily accessible to all the firm’s clients. Their deep understanding of business for audit and tax purposes makes them uniquely qualified to share best practices, meet mortgage companies’ needs and exceed their expectations.

For more information, please e-mail [email protected] or visit the company’s website at www.spiegelcorp.com.

About 5X Solutions

5x Solutions, LLC is an industry leader in research, data analytics, and technology with specific expertise in the mortgage industry. It offers clients both advisory and technology services that optimize resources, improve profitability and increase scalability. Using its cloud based Telemetry MBI-application, clients have 24/7 access to critical key performance indicators, metrics, and financial reports needed to measure and manage their company. Learn more at http://www.5xsolutions.com or http://www.telemetrybi.com




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