Mortgage Advisory & Consultancy


Our advisory services provide critical insight and actionable recommendations on how to optimize your business. We can work with your staff to review critical areas of your operation, comparing our findings to key mortgage industry performance indicators and metrics (“KPIs”) identifying areas for improvement. We have expertise on all key aspects of a mortgage operation.


  1. Marketing and Sales
  2. Loan Production (including branch operations);
  3. Fulfillment (processing through closing – including departmental KPIs and industry metrics);
  4. Capacity Mgt (learn how to expand or contract your FTEs to match demand);
  5. Pricing / Secondary Market (margin breakdown by total build and secondary marketing practices);
  6. Hedge Advisory Review and Monitoring
  7. Administrative Management and Reporting (branch, departmental, agency, and C-level requirements);
  8. Servicing

    Some examples of consultative projects:

  1. Acting CFO (pro tem) support
  2. Strategic / advisory services for specific purposes
  3. Compensation business rules
  4. Goals & Budgets
  5. Performance Analytics $ and BPS
  6. Technical and Development
  7. Systems uses connectivity
  8. Software development
  9. Security audits

Great companies constantly review and adjust to market conditions and the everchanging needs of a business. To maximize your company’s potential, managers must have quick access to and a complete understanding of critical KPIs and metrics. Take the first step to improving your business today.