Mortgage Accounting Reports

Automated Branch Reporting, Future Funding, Goals vs Actual, and More...


Automate Mortgage Accounting Reports

Telemetry BI generates and distributes complex financial reporting.

Automation without the headache

5X Solutions automates the most complex mortgage financial reports, so you don't have to. Just plug in your data once and let our system do the work for you - it's as easy as that!

Higher accuracy and less pressure

The best-practice approach to mortgage accounting ensures that all data is accurate, which decreases burden on your staff. Our system also provides you with reports that are always up-to-date, so you don't have to worry about branch and regional managers getting misleading or incorrect information.

Flexible and scalable

Whether you need to monitor one branch or a thousand branches, 5X Solutions has a plan for every size business. You can choose from a monthly subscription or pay-per-report package to find the plan that works best for your organization.

Integrate with any system

Make our reporting system work for you by integrating with your existing loan origination software solution - we'll take care of the rest!

Telemetry BI is the first automated mortgage accounting reporting system that helps mortgage bankers meet the increasingly demanding requirements of branch managers, regulators and reporting agencies.

Features section:

Unlimited scalability

Telemetry BI can be deployed to meet any company's needs; from a single branch with a handful of loans, to an entire network with tens of thousands of loans.

Best practice approach

The system was designed following best practices in the mortage industry for: GAP accounting, managerial accounting, and accounting systems integration.

Integrates with loan origination software (LOS)

Loan origination software (LOS) is the backbone to any mortgage lending system. Telemetry BI integrates seamlessly with LOS, enabling you to generate mortgage accounting reports that include Basis Points (BPS).

The 5X Solutions Advantage

Telemetry BI is a cloud-based system that automates complex financial reports, distributing them to branch and regional managers in a timely manner. It's incorportates a best practice approach for your business.

Features section:

Branch and Corp P&Ls

With Telemetry BI mortgage accounting reports and business intelligence platform, you have real-time access to financial information for your branch and corporate analysis. You can see items like branch income, expenditures, and loans outstanding. You can also use the system to forecast future funding and cash in line.

Future funding

Thanks to automated mortgage financial reporting with Telemetry BI, you can always know how much cash you'll need in the future. With this information at your fingertips, you can make better decisions about your business going forward - which means more stable growth in the long term.

Cost per loan

Telemetry BI generates cost per loan reports quickly so that you always have up-to-date information on your product profitability. This report helps ensure that you're making smart lending decisions on a regular basis!

About 5X Solutions

5X Solutions is a leading provider of automated mortgage financial reporting software. Telemetry BI mortgage mortgage business intelligence platform will increase your productivity, improve your accuracy, and reduce your workload.

Features section:

Automated Mortgage Financial Reporting

Our cloud-based reporting solution is a turn-key set up that automates complex financial reports for mortgage lending institutions. We make sure that branch and regional managers are properly informed with timely reports with best practice approach.

Forecasting in a Nutshell

The forecasting module is perfect for understanding the consequences of future business decisions and planning cash needs in advance. Forecasting will also show you if you need to increase or decrease the funding you have available for new loans.