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5X Solutions, LLC is a Fintech company that offers digital mortgage industry solutions that focus on mortgage business intelligence, automated financial reporting, performance dashboards, data analytics, and other BI tools. We offer lenders both advisory and technology services that optimize resources, improve profitability, contain costs, and helps increase scalability.

Using our cloud-based Telemetry BI platform, clients have 24/7 access to critical key performance indicators, metrics, and financial reports needed to measure and manage their company. Their turnkey, cloud-based business intelligence platform offers a best-practice approach to data analytics and reporting.

What we offer our clients:

32 Unique Financial Reports including branch/ region P&Ls and cost-per loan analysis
Plus 34 unique Performance and Financial Measurements and Mortgage BI Dashboards
Machine Learning
Advanced Statistics
Future Funding
Projected P&L
Turn Times
Late or missing items
Warehouse line Mgt
Haircut Mgt

We automate analytics specific to mortgage banking, including the TOP 100 mortgage lending KPIs recommended by industry experts and the MBA. These include descriptive and predictive statistics that give you a handle on your business in near real-time. By integrating your mortgage accounting data with your loan production data, you get a complete picture of both financial and performance metrics. Our turn-key/cloud-based solution offers out-of-the-box best practices so you don't have to engage in risky do-it-yourself projects. Telemetry BI is the most advanced solution among mortgage business intelligence platforms.

Learn more about mortgage business intelligence software or read our mortgage lender analytics blog.

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Telemetry BI Platform

Turn-key, cloud-based platform provides the Top 100 Mortgage analytics and KPIs recommended by the MBA. Includes complete financial and branch reporting.

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The 5X Solutions principals have over 20 years of experience in Fintech. We have hands-on experience with all aspects of the mortgage business including financial management.

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Guaranteed Results are Accurate, Accessible, Timely, and Relevant. Near real-time Performance, Financial Metrics, KPIs, Scorecards, and Branch Reporting

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Quick, Simple, and Effective. Telemetry BI turn-key mortgage business intelligence platform reduces the barriers to becoming a data-driven organization.

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Mortgage Analytics Testimonial
“We can now forecast future production with more clarity while reviewing real-time production feedback several times per day. The Cash-in-Line report has really been a game changer for us to manage our day to day post funding queue and our financial position Mortgage Business Intelligence Testimonial
Tony Avilla, President
Scenic Oaks Funding

Eliminate Manual Reporting Forever

The Telemetry BI mortgage platform automates branch and corporate financial reports and generates them in real-time. Avoid Excel spreadsheet headaches and weekend stress. Telemetry BI is accessible by branch and regional managers, as well as executives and accounting staff. Users can drill-down to transaction-level detail, which allows them to validate and confirm the results without encumbering accounting staff with questions.

The Telemetry BI mortgage business intelligence platform automatically extracts data from accounting software like Loan Vision, Accounting for Mortgage Banks (AMB), QuickBooks, among others. This data gets scrubbed and is integrated with loan data from your Loan Origination Systems (LOS) such as Encompass and Calyx to provide a comprehensive view for your mortgage banking operation. Dashboards and reports allow you to see how your business is performing at a glance.

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