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Telemetry BI Mortgage Analytics Platform

Accelerate Your Company's Digital Transformation

Complement and complete your existing tech stack. Telemetry BI consolidates data from your lending origination software (LOS) and your accounting system into one platform. This unified view allows you and your branches to access your pipeline outside of your LOS. You can review and distribute financial reports (ex. P&Ls, break-even, cost-per-loan, and KPis) without having to logon to your accounting system.

Dashboards help you visualize your data and explore Mortgage KPIs and forecasting models
Company Performance
Integrate company-wide data sources into a single platform to make cross-department connections
Actionable Insights
Alerts and notifications identify bottlenecks so you can focus on growth profitability
Financial Reporting
Explore 34 unique performance and financial measurements to evaluate branch, loan originators, and operations teams.

Telemetry BI is a cloud-based, turn-key mortgage business intelligence and analytics platform. It is the first mortgage lending BI solution to extract and integrate both financial data and operational data from your accounting system and loan origination software. This unique approach provides you with a complete view of your mortgage lending business via interactive dashboards, standard-of-practice mortgage KPIs, branch-level P&L reports, and more.

Built for mortgage lenders, bankers, brokers, branch managers, and CFOs, Telemetry BI is designed to save you time and achieve your business objectives. Streamline your mortgage reporting process and discover new insights to can enhance profitability. Facilitate data-driven decision-making to optimize your mortgage business.

Mortgage Business Intelligence Dashboard

Our turn-key approach is based on the MBA's top 100 metrics. This allows you to focus on improving your operations, understanding your financial outlook, and optimizing your pipeline instead of having to re-invent complex metrics and KPIs. Our clients have been able to save many days of work each month producing financial reports for their mortgage lending enterprise.

We offer configurable data extractors for all major accounting systems and loan origination systems (LOS). Our corporate and branch level P&Ls are based on your chart of accounts and are available 7/24 to your branch managers in both dollars and basis points (BPS). These P&Ls are presented with trend indicators, trend-line fly-outs, and budget vs actual indicators. Telemetry BI comes with a variety of other financial and performance reports including predictive analytics, forecasting, and pipeline management.
Mortgage Branch Reporting

Telemetry BI Features

  • Daily Productivity
  • Monthly Productivity
  • Sales Funnels
  • Pipeline Management
Financial Reports
  • Corp P&Ls
  • Branch P&Ls
  • Cost Per Loan (BPS & Dollar)
  • Break-even
  • Covenants Reports
  • Balances Sheets
  • Cash In Line
  • Future Funding
  • Compensation Analytics
  • Expense Outliers
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Loan Originator KPIs
  • Mortgage Processor KPIs
  • Underwriter KPIs
  • Funder/Shipper KPIs
  • Loan Officer Ratings/Rankings
  • Processor Rankings
  • Underwriter Rankings
  • Shipper/Funder Rankings
Drill Downs
  • Expenses
  • Revenue
  • Loan Details
Team Views
  • Corp
  • Region
  • Branch
Predictive Analytics
  • Future Funding
  • Funding Trends
  • Expense Trends
  • Revenue Trends
  • Corporate Executives
  • Financial Controllers
  • Accounting and FP&A
  • Regional Managers
  • Branch Managers
  • Operations Managers
  • Processors
  • Underwriters
  • Loan Officers
And More...

Telemetry BI Mortgage Lending Business Intelligence Platform

Telemetry BI is a mortgage business intelligence solution that integrates all aspects of a mortgage lender's operations and financial activity. It includes advanced analytics, predictive analytics, mortgage KPIs, financial metrics, branch P&Ls, and more in a single turn-key, cloud-based solution. Telemetry BI is the only mortgage business intelligence platform to offer financial and operational data integrated into one solution. All of this is offered in easy-to-use, visually compelling, interactive dashboards and reports.

No implementation fees. Flat monthly subscription without hidden costs or seat licenses.