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Interactive Analytics in Mortgage

Telemetry BI Business Intelligence Platform

What are Interactive Mortgage Analytics?

Interactive mortgage lending analytics are monetary and credit execution measurements that gauge the wellbeing of mortgage lenders and mortgage banks. These are comprised of financial measures, operational KPIs, leading indicators, lagging indicators, trends, and forecasts.

Every facet of the business should be measured to get a total perspective on your organizations' health. These are commonly shown in an on-line business intelligence dashboards. A typical dashboard should contain customizable and interactive graphs, charts, and tabular reports. Each measurement should support drill-downs into each metric.

A mortgage lending business intelligence system should give you both breadth and depth when analyzing your mortgage business. Mortgage Analytics should incorporate both operational information (from your Loan Origination System, for example, Encompass or Lending QB) and accounting information (AMB, Loan Vision, and so forth).

Telemetry BI Mortgage Lending Business Intelligence Platform

Telemetry BI is a mortgage business intelligence solution that integrates all aspects of a mortgage lender's operations and financial activity. It includes advanced analytics, Interactive analytics, mortgage KPIs, financial metrics, branch P&Ls, and more a in single turn-key, cloud-based solution. Telemetry BI is the only mortgage business intelligence platform to offer financial and operational data integrated into one solution. All of this is offered in easy to use, visually compelling, interactive dashboards and reports.

No implementation fees. Flat monthly subscription without hidden costs or seat licenses.