Automated Reporting


What is RPA?

Robotic Process Automation ("RPA") is a technology that enables a software robot (“bots”) or artificial intelligence (“AI”) digital worker to emulate a human user process to perform a redundant task. Originally designed years ago for software testing to mimic a user’s interaction with technology, its use has grown to areas well beyond the initial intent. The financial industry, and specifically the mortgage industry, is one of the widest adopters of this technology due to its ability to run countless iterations of redundant processes.

RPA Implementations should be considered as a solution when multiple systems need to be tapped to collect data, mashup, render, produce, and deliver a single highly customized report.

Need a special report?

5X Solutions builds and automates custom reports that are unique to your business.

With access to your accounting, loan origination, and other systems, we apply advanced analytics per your specifications and use Robotic Process Automation (“RPA”) to create the and deliver them to your mailbox or mobile device daily, weekly, or monthly.

Examples Include:

  1. Monthly CEO Report
  2. Projected P&Ls
  3. Margin Analysis
  4. Hedge Performance
  5. Lead Performance
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