Automated Mortgage Reporting

Business Intelligence and Financial Reports


Mortgage Accounting Reports

Automated branch and corporate financial reporting are generated in real-time via our Telemetry BI platform. Our financial reporting platform provides easy access to accounting reports to mortgage lending institutions of all sizes. Reports include best-practice metrics, P&Ls, balance sheets, and forecasts.

No more Excel Spreadsheets and weekend number crunching. Get the most out of your mortgage accounting software system. All of our reports can be viewed according to region, branch, and corporate perspectives and will allow you to drill-down to transaction-level detail. Telemetry BI is built for branch managers, CFOs, brokers. and mortgage lending executives. Our dashboards and reports allow you to see how your business is performing at a glance.

Telemetry BI mortgage accounting reports automatically extract data from accounting systems like Accounting for Mortgage Banks (AMB), Loan Vision, QuickBooks among others. It scrubs the data and integrates it with Loan Origination Systems (LOS) such as Encompass and Calyx to provide a comprehensive outlook for your mortgage lending operation.

Explore how to automate your mortgage accounting reports

Mortgage Operations and Branch Reporting

View corporate, region, branch, loan officer, and processor KPIs. Corporate performance reporting generated in real-time via our Telemetry BI mortgage business intellegence platform. Telemetry BI provides mortgage centric reports, graphs, analytics, and KPIs based on the top 100 mortgage measurements recommended by the MBA. Get visibility to your pipeline to identify choke points, analyze sales funnels, and drill-down to loan level detail.

The Telemetry BI platform is updated in near-real-time from your Loan Origination System (LOS) (ex. Encompass, Lending QB, and Calyx) to give always up-to-date access to your sales and operations performance.

List of Telemetry BI Reports

Financial Reporting in Telemetry BI Includes:
  • Profit and Loss (P&Ls)
  • Trend Analysis
  • Budget vs Actuals
  • Cost per Loans
  • Break-even Analysis
  • Future Fundings
  • Balances
  • Covenants Reporting
  • Exception Reporting
  • LO Compensation Analytics
  • More...

Loan and Production Metrics in Telemetry BI Includes:
  • Milestones
  • Pipeline Management
  • Trend Analysis
  • Sales Productivity
  • Pipeline Management
  • Sales Conversion Funnels
  • Loan Officer Scorecards
  • Processor Ranking
  • Goals vs Actuals
  • More...

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation ("RPA") is a technology that enables a software robot (“bots”) or artificial intelligence (“AI”) digital worker to emulate a human user process to perform a redundant task. Originally designed years ago for software testing to mimic a user’s interaction with technology, its use has grown to areas well beyond the initial intent. The financial industry, and specifically the mortgage industry, is one of the widest adopters of this technology due to its ability to run countless iterations of redundant processes.

RPA Implementations should be considered as a solution when multiple systems need to be tapped to collect data, mashup, render, produce, and deliver a single highly customized report.

Need a special report?

5X Solutions builds and automates custom reports that are unique to your business.

With access to your accounting, loan origination, and other systems, we apply advanced analytics per your specifications and use Robotic Process Automation (“RPA”) to create the and deliver them to your mailbox or mobile device daily, weekly, or monthly.

Examples Include:

  • Monthly CEO Report
  • Projected P&Ls
  • Margin Analysis
  • Hedge Performance
  • Lead Performance
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