About 5X Solutions, LLC

Mortgage Business Intelligence and Branch Reporting Solutions

5X Solutions is a Financial Technology (Fintech) company dedicated to providing mortgage data solutions. Our flagship platform, Telemetry BI provides mortgage lender business intelligence, interactive mortgage metrics, visualizations, trends, and financial reports. We support mortgage lenders of all sizes and are proud members of The Mortgage Collaborative and the Mortgage Bankers Association.

The 5X Solutions Team

The Co-Founders

Since 1999, the Co-Founders have helped mortgage lenders identify opportunities and improve execution. Our proprietary methods manage risk, increase ROI, and ensure timely feedback with analytics and visualization of key metrics.

John D. Beneventi

Co-Founder and Financial Officer
John D. Beneventi

John has over 30 years of CFO experience in the mortgage business. He is a domain expert in all aspects of mortgage operation and loan production. Having worked for small, medium, and large organizations, John brings a perspective that simplifies complex metrics and reports.

Ron de Frates

Co-Founder and Technical Officer
Ron de Frates

Ron is a technologist and entrepreneur with an interest in Fintech and machine learning. He has over 30 years of experience applying engineering principles to business and social problems. As a trained statistician, Ron uses cutting edge methods to distill complex and noisy data into insightful graphs, reports, and narratives.

Telemetry BI

Mortgage Business Intelligence Platform

  1. Pipeline Management
  2. Sales Funnels
  3. Branch Reporting
  4. Mortgage Broker KPIs
  5. Mortgage Originator KPIs
  6. Mortgage Processor KPIs
  7. Branch P&Ls
  8. Loan Originator Productivity Scorecards and Rankings
  9. Processor Productivity
  10. And More...
Become a data-driven company
Create transparency and visibility within your mortgage business. Enhance teamwork and collaboration between executives, branch managers, loan originators, and fulfillment staff.

Affiliated Companies and Organizations

Our professional alliances with the nation's best mortgage focused CPA firms.